Meet the Team

Matt Schlyder


Natalie O'Gorman

General Manager

Gaby Minervini

Accounting / Team Manager

Connie Lu

Senior Accountant

Kaylee Li

Senior Accountant

Sue-Ellen Lockwood

Client Manager

Gabrielle Aitken


Billie Terry

Administration Coordinator

Rhian Persal

Administration Coordinator

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What Our Clients Say

"I did not realise that I was 'financially disorganised'. Under the guidance of FWO, my affairs have been re-structured for maximum cashflow, tax effectiveness and profitability. As a a result my net wealth has increased by 8 times and I have much more disposable cash to play with."

Rob Nixon, Panalitix

"What I have found with FWO, has been great competence, great value for money and I feel that I have someone who's there as a solid partner helping me be successful"

Paul Paxton-Hall, Paxton-Hall Lawyers